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Hot water calorifiers are storage hot water tanks or water heaters used for big storage capacities. They can be heated by solar heating system, heat pump, gas boiler, electrical boiler or electrical heating elements. Many other renewable energy systems can be perfect heating source for hot water calorifiers such as biomass, geothermal, pallet boiler, however , these heating sources are limited in UAE.

Hot water calorifier is called storage hot water calorifier if it has internal heating coil, or removable heating coil, removable U-Tube or removable heat exchanger.Hot water calorifier is called Buffer hot water calorifier if it has no any internal heating source. Usually it is heated by external heat exchanger. Hot water Calorifier is called Electrical Hot water calorifier if it has internal electric heating elements.

characteristics of sundware calorifiers
characteristics of sundware calorifiers