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Boiler service is mandatory activity and must be handled properly by boiler specialist. We always advise the facility managers to avoid boile service in last moment, however many boiler services are still executed when one boiler is out of service and the facility management get worried about steam or hot water interruption.

Our specialists do annual maintenance contracts and boiler services wherever it is required in Dubai and any other emirates in UAE.

Some activities can be and not limited to :-

  • Inspection of boiler control

  • Inspection of boiler fire side

  • Inspection of boiler tubes and shell

  • Boiler control simulation and sequence check

  • Inspection of burner assembly

  • Boiler fine tuning using flue gas analyser

  • Boiler air fuel calibration

  • Boiler air fuel ratio adjustment with flue gas analyser

  • Boiler functionality test of controls

  • repair of boiler casing

  • repair of boiler heat exchanger


Random photos of this Renovation Boiler Service